Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Love following the tradition "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"? It's said to bring good luck! Kristen chose a beautiful rosary of her grandmother's, wrapped around the ribbon wrap of her bouquet, for her something old. Something new was easy- her gorgeous gown! Something borrowed was an exquisite diamond bracelet, and something blue was her navy blue toe nail polish!

Here are some more ideas:
  • Something old: your mother's wedding gown, your grandmother's wedding veil, or a piece of fabric from a family gown or veil sewn into your gown or wrapped around your bouquet, heirloom headpiece or handkerchief, vintage buttons sewn onto your gown, an heirloom engagement or wedding ring, antique or heirloom earrings, bracelet, or necklace, a vintage purse, antique lace tied around your bouquet, a locket with photos or your parents or grandparents, a family rosary, antique hair comb, pin, or barrette.
  • Something new: your new gown, veil, or tiara, new shoes, new jewelry, new lingerie, new lipstick or eye shadow, a new silk shawl, a new penny minted in the year of your wedding, or freshly picked flowers for your bouquet.
  • Something borrowed: jewelry- earrings, necklace, bracelet, or a brooch, a hair comb,
    a purse, an elegant wrap, a veil, gown, or headpiece. (For extra luck, borrow from a friend or a relative who is happily married!)
  • Something blue: a blue garter, blue jewelry- bracelet, ring, necklace, brooch, earrings, anklet, or toe ring with sapphires, blue topaz, aquamarine, or Swarovski crystals, blue flowers in your bouquet or blue accents on your bouquet such as blue ribbons or jewelry, a blue sash for your gown, blue shoes, blue lingerie, tiny blue flowers on your veil or blue embroidered monogram on your gown or a handkerchief, blue toe nail polish, or blue rhinestones on the bottom of your wedding shoes!

Good luck!
Pastor Barbara

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Wedding Magic

Christmas weddings are magical, elegant, and romantic. The holiday season is filled with love, hope and peace. The family gathers together at this time of the year, and everything has a festive air. What a wonderful time for a wedding!

Decorating can be so simple, since churches and many venues are already decorated. Add a few of your own touches, and a beautiful wedding is yours. Here are few ideas for a Christmas-themed wedding ceremony:

  • line the entrance with luminaries
  • decorate with pointsettas, wreaths, evergreen swags, ribbons and bows, pinecones, and candles
  • arrive by horse-drawn sleigh
  • have an usher hand out small bells to your guests to ring when you exit as husband and wife
  • use fake snow for an aisle runner, or have your flower girl scatter snowflakes
  • have your bridesmaids carry candles
  • carry a bouquet of red roses- or a white muff
  • the groom could wear mistletoe in his buttonhole
  • have Christmas carols for music- maybe have a group of carolers or a children's choir
  • print Christmas song sheets and tie with red ribbons for each guest to sing along

And don't forget to hang mistletoe in the doorways!

Christmas blessings,
Pastor Barbara

Monday, November 3, 2008

Really Romantic Wedding Ceremonies

Okay, so all weddings are romantic. But some weddings are over-the-top romantic.

My all-time favorite was the one where the groom strummed his guitar and sang a love-song to his bride. I don't think there was a woman there who didn't sigh. But.... not every groom can sing. So what else can make a wedding super romantic?

Romantic weddings, like real estate, are often about location, location, location. A sunrise wedding. A candlelit evening wedding. A mountain or meadow wedding. An ocean or lakeside wedding. A garden wedding. Gazebos, arches, bridges, waterfalls, ponds, winding staircases, working fireplaces. A castle, a mansion, a beautiful church or chapel. Somewhat ordinary places are spectacular at certain times of the year- like a park or street full of cherry blossoms, a pathway of hydrangeas or azaleas, a hillside of daffodils, or glorious fall foliage. More than just being good photo ops, beautiful locations add romance. Or choose a sentimental place, like where you first met, or where he proposed.

Theme weddings can add to the romance. A Renaissance or Victorian wedding. A Valentine's Day wedding. A Cinderella wedding. A Romeo and Juliet theme. A Christmas or winter wonderland wedding. A fall, spring, or summer wedding. Flower, heart, or swan themes.

Romantic decorations add to the ambiance: soft colors, roses, candles, candles, candles, tulle, lace, organza, chiffon, satin, chair covers or large white bows or flowers on backs of chairs, pearls, fans, parasols, lots of tiny string lights, dim lighting, wine, kissing balls hanging from doorways, and rose petals scattered on the ground and on tabletops.

But even in a simple setting, there are lovely elements to make a wedding ceremony oh-so-romantic. Read romantic poems or the lyrics of your favorite love songs to each other- or have someone else read them for you. Read love letters you have written to each other. Write your own vows and declare your everlasting love for each other. Choose romantic music. Exchange roses as your first gift as husband and wife- or leis. Whatever makes your heart sing- that's romance!

Pastor Barbara

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Memorial to a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

Weddings are such a joyous, happy time of celebration. But it can be hard to have a wedding soon after a loved one dies.

A couple might ask the minister to remember their loved one with a prayer or to have a simple moment of silence during the ceremony. Others light a candle, or read a special poem, have a special song, or put a photo of their loved one or a rose on the altar in remembrance. There are many lovely, creative ways to honor a loved one during your wedding service!

Cheri's wedding was soon after her grandmother died. Grandma loved weddings, so a wedding at that time was bittersweet. Cheri wore a bracelet with a family gold locket (her "something old"), and inside the locket was a photo of her grandmother. Grandma danced at the wedding after all!

Wedding blessings,
Pastor Barbara

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